#5 Art of Miracles

Getting It Together Series Book 5

Life is just a bowl of cherries …Graduate from the School of Miracles with the final book in the series. 

Miracles begin with knowing who you are.  Miracles are the result of being clear about what’s purposeful, because only then can you ask for what you require to fulfill your role in life.

Begin your Miracle Mind today!

Always look for the beginning.  Without a proper one, getting to where you want to go just isn’t a happening thing.  This marvelous lesson offers swift passage into creating Miracles in life.  Book 5 holds back nothing as it reveals the Ancient Wisdom leading to miracles being revealed in your personal life.

This last Book in Getting It Done Series depends on your absorbing Books 1-4, so you can fine tune everything you have learned.  If you are new to these concepts, reviewing the previous lessons is a grand idea!


Always look for the beginning for without a proper one, getting to where you want to go just isn’t a happening thing.  A no beginning or a bad beginning is a bit like trying to jump start a car that has no battery.

Accepting one’s Divinity is the beginning.  That idea alone seems bigger than the heavens and all the stars in the universe.  Take that very large concept and consider that you are a child of God.  As this blessed being, this very child of God, you must be divine, because there is no other option available.  The holy books remind us of our sacred place in the Universe – In the image and likeness of God.

Start looking around your world.  Actually look inside because it is already established that life is an inside job.  What you are seeking is the God within – and that’s the whole purpose of life‘s journey!  When you accept and surrender completely to the Divine aspect of your being, you will no longer be subject to hit-and-miss manifestations of your personal desires – your field of Miracles.  So get with the program and stop doing life the hard way, where you remain subject to only the laws of man.  If your method has been to drink more coffee and make mistakes faster, it’s just not going to work out very well for you.

You are at the beginning of your journey to enlightenment and need to know what is around you and what you can expect, sort of.  Bilbo Baggins didn’t have a clue about the terrors he would face when he walked out his door and headed down the road on his great adventure.  He might not have left home if he had known about the Orgs and Monsters and Gollum!  Unlike Bilbo, as your mind rearranges itself around your divinity, accepts the reality of a God within, and begins to manifest Miracles in life, your terrors will disappear because you will know the Laws that make life whole and pleasurable while you co-create with God.

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