Are you wishing for a lottery win?

Would you like your investment to deliver massive returns?

Are you aware of the implications of sudden wealth?

What will it feel like?

What should you do first?

Should you call an investment advisor or your spiritual guide?

or just throw a party and let ‘er rip?

As you ponder your future, you will discover that implications range from the most superficial and mundane to the most deeply profound and spiritual. Any one of your choices can either wreak havoc on your life or liberate you to serve Life as the Universe intends.

Certain to Surface – A sudden increase in wealth is certain to bring forth your hidden fears and conditionings into stark contrast. We all have mostly subconscious, but deeply held, beliefs such as – All rich people are bad, greedy, self-centered – Money is the root of all evil – Money is power – Power corrupts. With these miasmas buried deep inside, what happens when suddenly, you are one of the rich? It is almost impossible for you not to become conflicted, unless you are prepared.

Karma Raises its Ugly Head. To make matters infinitely worse, the source of much wealth aligns with these beliefs. A necessary look into the history behind the pending Currency Revaluation provides deeper understanding of the deep negative Karma that accompanies this apparent windfall. Do you know that both president Bush Senior and Junior revealed to the American people and the world that the war in Iraq would pay for itself? These were publicly made statements. Have you ever heard of a war to be self-liquidating … or self-financed? Neither have I, nor has the Spiritual Hierarchy I work with.

Considering the instigators of that war and their ultimate purpose, we know that financing totalitarian control of humanity and Iraq’s petroleum was the underlying motivation. The pawns were put into play in order to achieve the revaluation of the currency thus enhancing the coffers of the old New World Order.

(I say this because a new New World Order is being guided carefully by the Spiritual Hierarchy.)

Observe that from the get-go, this whole project of Revaluation was blighted by nefarious intentions that carry with them a dynamic energy together with embedded thought forms. Without adequate preparation the psyche of everyone who becomes involved with this Currency Revaluation can and will be affected.

Our Way – Somehow those devious manipulative minds missed out on the fact that the world is filled with bright minds, even brilliant ones. This means multitudes of people are intensely interested in both their own good, as well as the good of all humanity. Our focus is on the future stability and abundance of the world around us. Of course, the Spiritual Hierarchy wishes people to be Abundant and Prosperous for that is the true and natural balance that Life wants for us.

We already know that consciousness rules everything, and intentions, whether conscious or not, affect all outcomes. As a friend notes this, The Universe rearranges itself to fit my picture of reality. Quite certainly, it is important for us to have clear intentions in place to help perfect a personal outcome and to touch the lives of those around us and plant seeds of Goodness and Abundance on a global scale.

Becoming Awake to the Flip Side – Anyone unaware of the subliminal effects of unconscious intentions is ill-prepared (including the case of the Currency Revaluation), to handle a sudden influx of wealth and is therefore positioned to suffer needlessly. It is the Spiritual Hierarchy’s intention that we are equipped with the spiritual tools necessary to navigate this financial transition successfully.

Tools for Awakening – The first tool help you deal with your personal darkness. Like warriors in action we shape our destiny consciously to avoid karmic implications. One way to think about this important reminder from the Spiritual Hierarchy is to remember the stories of lottery winners. One day, a person has nothing and suddenly the next day, it seems that the world is their oyster and they own it all. A few years later we see that 98% of those lottery winners are broke – the money vanished and their lives in chaos.

Recognition is a tool of the Spiritual Hierarchy – recognize that darkness and negativity hold all beings in bondage to lack and insufficiency. Frequently these dark areas are hidden from your awareness, lodged in your subconscious mind; they tend to pop up at most inopportune moments. Instead, you need to apply the Law of Attraction (we attract whatever we are polarized toward) to avoid dragging the past baggage forward into the present moment.

Lottery winners lose their money because they fail to heal their core beliefs surrounding or impeding proper management of wealth – their Abundance Consciousness is lacking. When the fear of being controlled is present – Vengeance for perceived harm dwells within – Myriad reasons, often invisible and oblivious, the Highest Good becomes sabotaged.
Well you might ask, Just how do I become aware of these dark areas?

The Spiritual Hierarchy advises us to make a conscious choice to walk away from this potential wealth, or else become consciously involved. This means to become aware and monitor your thoughts, words, and actions in a timely, personal housecleaning. Once done, you are ready to bring great abundance into your life, that of your family, and the world around you.

So, what is one to do? Understand that the circumstances and experiences of the events leading up to this point are bringing forth certain dynamics of energy. What accompanies this apparent windfall is the need for taking responsibility for your earlier choices made from erroneous beliefs. Becoming informed of these issues and their remedies now will nullify what took place before. I’ll provide the means as you read further on.

A Good Beginning – You are on your way! Experience is a great tool – take a small taste of your new found wealth and see how it affects you. Set aside a small amount of your cash-in proceeds to play with – to live on – to really discover what money means to you and what motivates your decisions about money. Until you know these motivations, you will be ruled by them unconsciously and you will continue to repeat your past mistakes. Remember Einstein’s definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results.

To find your hidden demons take a taste of your new money and be seriously watchful for the signs. Do any of these make an appearance in your life?

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Would you suddenly become distrustful of others? Would greed enter your life, when it previously was absent? These behaviors do not mean you have been corrupted by even this small taste of money. They are just signs pointing to the conditioning you need to clear.

Hone Your Skills – I have authored five eBooks and subsequent self-study lessons of 120 Ponderisms to help you learn how to think out of the box and to clear yourselves of erroneous past programming. The secret to our collective success in ushering in this new paradigm of limitless abundance is in following the advice of Socrates, Know thyself. Commit to this paradigm shift as a collective and together we can truly create a Revolution in Consciousness.

The proceeds from eBooks go to the work on awakening humanity to higher spiritual realities.

Let Love and Light guide your hearts –
I am Aubergean in service to the One.

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