On Attainment

On Attainment*

*Copywrite Aubergean 2009

The journey home involves suspending all manner of judgment in favor of progressively expanding the ability to discover, discern, decide, and when free of personal biases, delight in perceptions; and even, projections, for all that occurs in the illusion is one form of projection or another.

There are levels of attainment for a seeker, just as there levels of competence for an athlete.

At first, one realizes the journey is unpredictable, random, and even uneventful; then, with belief suspended and perception expanded, the first few levels of awareness are discovered, revealing possibilities that escaped perception and understanding.

Then progressively, through introspection and careful study, patterns appear and begin to describe a process that can seen as peeling away the layers of dross that cover such realities as, meaning, purpose and process.

With this awareness, life then presents a series of choices to each seeker, intended to eventually invoke commitment. Progressively as each layer is exposed, surrendered and integrated through “process”, the decision-making patterns reveal hidden agenda, fundamental structures of belief that motivate behavior most often yielding painful results.

Following the pain is truly the secret to freedom. The requisite “courage” to delve into these forbidden rooms is seldom embraced by humanity, conditioned over millennia to escape pain at all costs.

But to those stalwart souls with vision and commitment, the dawning of awakening becomes evident; an awakening that reveals human destiny, since all energy returns to its Source of emanation.

The journey resembles analogistically the progress of a mountain climber attaining each peak on the way to the summit. Looking back at the path taken encourages him to push on. His progress is measureable.

With sufficient integration of the primary levels of process, the seeker comes to the realization that each level brings with it, competences, that can be perceived as gifts, with which additional steps can be recognized and experienced.

The removal of major blockages to awareness oftentimes brings with it experiences of “light”. This illumination becomes a functional tool with which to assist others on their journey. It is then; the seeker realizes one of the axioms of learning: “We teach best that which we have most need to learn”. (ACIM)

With deeper introspection, motivated by what was previously considered “negative” life-experiences, the seeker begins to invite life to teach whatever is required to gain spiritual freedom. As these layers are brought to light, the seeker embraces ever-deepening processes, and begins to teach what must be learned, experienced and integrated.

One of the precursors to Ascension brings to the teacher, a sense of “unity” with all others on the path. Here, the seeker having overcome the fear of separation, and having invited life to the fullest, develops sympathetic resonances that result in awareness of others’ states of being. At times this level of experience can be unsettling and yet, the teacher, still a student in his own right, accepts the resonant experiences as verification that his sensibilities are intact and proof that his work is worthwhile.

The term “Ascension” becomes understood as both a rise and descent in consciousness; a rise, or increase of his personal awareness and spiritual acumen, and a descent of Spirit, in the form of Soul infusion into the human experience. The pre-requisite to the latter being a progressive surrender of any personal will in life-experience.