Spiritual and Life-skills Coach

If you are dealing with the confusing and unsettling effects of spiritual awakening I can think of no-one better to help you navigate the stormy waters of your energetic transformation. If you are searching for a meaning, for a piece of solid ground in the quicksand of the newly awakened consciousness, know that there is someone who can guide you through to the other side with professionalism, competence, and utmost compassion.

Retired from his early career as a custom home builder and land developer, Aubergean studied extensively in the healing arts. He became a Spiritual Life-skills coach, providing deep insights into the human condition, Skilled in hypnotherapy, and acknowledged as a multi-disciplined healer, entrepreneur and visionary Aubergean provides clients with workable tools to navigate life. His studies of “A Course In Miracles” began in the early 1970’s and have taken him into the global theater as a healer, public speaker, and negotiator.

Aubergean derives his skills as a Healer and Spiritual Coach having studied Energetic Resonance, Regressive Hypnotherapy, Relationship Counseling, Energy & Man, and Concept Therapy. His passionate studies in psychology since adolescence have benefited many during psychological and emotional crises. Since 1984 Aubergean has provided his extensive experience as a personal coach, business consultant & seminar leader in communications & personal growth. Aubergean has toured extensively throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe, & the Middle East delivering a workshop called “Spiritual Economics, Energy and Humanity”, an intensive personal breakthrough weekend.

“At this moment in time, we have the choice to live off the table scraps of entropy or to consciously create our lives and live in a state of perpetual abundance and harmony”

Here’s what seekers say about Aubergean’s coaching:

“I want to take a special moment to thank you most sincerely for the sensitive and inspiring guidance you have provided during
my relationship challenge. First of all, I compliment you on seeing through the “woods” of my emotionality to arrive at the heart of my spiritual aching.Through you, I have met my “soul mate” and I believe life partner. Now that a “bump in the road” has appeared your guidance is most comforting and I know you are guiding me to the spiritual place where I can heal and emerge even stronger and more committed.You have a exquisite gift for taking those of us who need healing and guidance to a higher level of consciousness where the examination of daily life can be conducted with an enhanced perspective.Once again, thank you and I feel blessed that you have come into my life both as a friend and as a spiritual guide.
God bless, Barbara”

“It has been a pleasure sharing this life’s adventure with you, there has been so many variations of possibilities and movements acting on us… to move us to higher levels of knowing. I have been in a better space having known you, by sharing with you in different ways, I have expanded my awareness from understanding to the next level of knowing. The simple experience of connecting with you, of being within your psychic field has transformed me, I would refer to this as “Presence Healing” and “Presence Awakening or Remembering”, meaning I simply require to call you and my me expands into “Spirit Knowing”. This has been a thrilling time
for me, I have become boundless, all  fences have fallen away… I am everywhere. I am happy we are on the earth plane at the same time…
Love and blessings, from your spirit friend,
Terry D”
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