A Lazy Man’s Guide to Ascension*

On Consciousness as Art*
*Titles Copywrite Aubergean, December 21, 2009

A sculptor imagines his creation, sets it in his mind, embraces it as possibility, chooses his block of marble then sets out to remove everything that blocks the view to his masterpiece.

God is like that. He creates an image of His child, projects it into creation; setting it free to expand or contract as it wills, free to choose its own outcome and destiny.

Blinded by the glitter of illusion, the child momentarily loses itself, falling ever deeper into what becomes the impenetrable abyss of forgetfulness, only to be discovered by the hand of an advanced soul whose Divine purpose is to sculpt perfection.

Unknown to the child, having completed the journey without distance, the sculptor chooses his subject with the care of a master, and without reservation, commits to chisel away the layers of imperfection that clouds all possibilities of freedom, without which, the life is spent in confusion, obfuscation and doubt.

Guided by the hand of the Masters, each layer is rendered, revealing but a tiny facet of what might eventually be revealed as a gemstone of magnificence that only a Master Creator could conceive.

To me, consciousness is an art form to be chiseled away from the dross of life after life of layered illusion, until finally, the soul is re-discovered.

That is the “Great Work” and I embody it in the form of Spiritual Economics, Energy and Man studies and workshops.