My Gratitude to Aubergean

Dear Aubergean,

After the coaching sessions with you I would like to share with you and with the world that I am grateful for this:

Shared Journey on the path, where I learned how and what creates healthy boundaries, and laws to define a grounding resonance, and to breathe in free, of emotional charge, no attachments to the age old wisdom no answers that stilled the silence within.

The cosmic grand dance, the intricate display, and the beauty is: There are only two activities in which you can feel egolessness easily. One is laughter, another is dancing. I found the laughter…

And Love and light in the smiling… rolling with the waves of timeless creation… That is how I came to my senses, with the life lessons here. Joy with myself… Freedom is the gift! And the will to dance.

Thank you, In Gratitude