#1 Common Sense doesn’t Grow on Trees: Law Lessons

Only one thing about life is certain…
We have but one life to live this time around,
so we may as well live it empowered with grace and ease.

The Universe unfolds itself according to Spiritual Principles that you activate, whether you are aware of your power, or not.  This activity is like a chess game – a pawn moves one space, the bishop diagonally, the knight hops and jumps here and there.  You are the invisible hand to make the Laws work exactly as you dictate so you capture the Queen and win the game!  Study the Secret Mysteries of the Ages and learn to make the Law work for you.

Understand that the Universe rearranges itself according to your picture of Reality.  Taught for thousands of years in the Great Spiritual Teachings of the Masters and not proven in quantum physics, the Spiritual Laws must be known so you can create a positive life for yourself.  Here’s one great example – Ask and it shall be given!

Learn to use the Laws properly so the Ladder of Consciousness appears before you.  With your new skills of using the Laws for your Highest Good, your life becomes a marvelous and wonder-filled journey.  Common Sense will take on a new meaning too!


“A noticeably disturbed man answered the ring but he let Aubergean in saying he was really puzzled that someone would be there at 3:00 am.   After thanking him for coming, they walked to the living room where his wife sat seriously agitated and in a great deal of fear.

Both sat quietly while Aubergean silently observing the dynamics of energy at play in the room. The vibes in that room could have been right out of a Sci-fi thriller movie.

After a few minutes Aubergean asked what was happening to them.  The first risk came from the husband and eventually both admitted to being in the midst of the most heated argument of their 25 year marriage.  Aubergean said his skills came into play automatically as the couple were disarmed emotionally as they realized they were experiencing an escalation of ego and violence was about to occur.  The man admitted that at the very moment the car lights swept his driveway he was entertaining thoughts of killing his wife.

This rather dramatic example at the Higher Levels of Consciousness shows that exceptions occurring in the Laws can affect the otherwise mundane lives of human beings who listen to the Infinite Guidance available to us all.”

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