On The Purpose of Life

On The Purpose of Life

We’re here to identify those lost and missing fragments of our being, and to integrate them on our journey to wholeness.  Aubergean

Finding those missing pieces takes –

Learning – Find out what you have forgotten on your sojourn into density.  What’s density?  It’s that time honored phrase known as Wading About in the Muck.  Ever feel like that – Life’s out of control – Nothing goes right? ? ?

Action – Showing the world around you what you know to be true.  Now you begin living in such a way that those in your world ask, “So something’s different – What are you up to?”

Teaching – Helping others know that they also, know it just as you do.   Believe it or not, this stuff of living in the Light is contagious.  It seems to rub off or spontaneously combust into positivity with others in your sphere of influence.

You live in a Universe filled with All Possibilities.  Can you remember times when you had that crazy feeling that you’ve done something before – that you are repeating a few moments from life and it all feels familiar to you?  Déjà vu.  Been there.  Done that.  How’s that work again?

Welcome to the World of All Possibilities.  Not only can you pick and choose.  You can learn how to go about doing it.

Now here’s an exciting idea!  Imagine having Guides as your Traffic Directors.  Let’s go back to the Spirit part of who you are.   As humans we pretty well agree that we are more than just a body moving around in the world.  If nothing else we’ve seen enough Sci-Fi Movies that may have caused a light bulb to go on.

We also have something called a mind even though we can’t exactly locate it.

I’ve lost my mind.  I think I’m losing my mind.  We have ways of describing a meltdown even though the whole concept seems somewhat mystical and nebulous.

Now let’s visit the idea of those Traffic Directors.

Does asking and receiving Divine Assistance seem possible given your place in the universe?  How about calling up an Archangel or two to serve as Universal Directors?

You can learn how to call in Archangels by name to assist in every aspect of your life’s enfoldment.

Life is a River of Chocolate.

Smooth – Soothing – Delightful – Delicious

So where am I going with all this . . . I am Aubergean.  I’ve been around the block a time or two.  You know, when you reach your late 60’s, you’ve learned a thing or two worth teaching others.

How I got here on this Wondrous Journey might not be important.  But I will tell you that it began on the frozen tundra of the Far North and took me to the Deserts of Arabia.  Simple and loving people helped me along the way.  Inquisitive eager minds sought my knowledge in my travels.  Sometimes, brutality to me personally caused me misery.

Always I prevailed – Seeking – Asking – Knowing that the Way was being shown to me and that Way would come to Grow Consciousness in deep and profound ways for many people across the face of the Earth.

I’m delighted you came to explore the possibilities with me because when the Question is Asked, the teacher will appear.  Let me explain a bit more.

My Vision is Big – Large – Humongous!

I plan to share what I’ve learned in these parallel universes in which I travel.  My travels take me into a Quantum World created by God or by Spirit or by whatever Creative Force you choose to call it.  After all there’s a reason why There are a Thousand Names for God!

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