#3 Manifestation, Paradigms, & Parallel Universes

Getting It Done Series Book 3

Manifesting Good happens when you use your positive thoughts to bring forth the Invisible to the Visible.  Really Messy situations come along when you have angry, sad, belligerent, obnoxious, or violent thoughts.  Immediately, you can know where your head has been, when you examine your situation to see if your life is Bright and Beautiful or just plain dreadful!

Manifestation, Paradigms, and Parallel Realities provides real tools to manifest love, abundance, and success.  Fun comes along too.  A friend decided she wanted to find a bakery but what she really wanted was rye bread.  As she drove into a restaurant parking lot for a lunch date, she saw a bakery sign next door and stopped in.  The bake said he would have no rye bread until the next day.  She quickly learned about being Specific for a perfect manifestation!

With the lessons Aubergean offers, you will learn about many aspects of manifestation – a High Velocity Learn as you Go Plan.

Take a peek into the excerpt to understand why and how manifestation can happen in your world.


Law of Mental Equivalence – Stored within everyone’s subconscious mind, including yours, are myriad experiences. Some are unresolved traumatic experiences that impact your ability to see clearly, until one day you decide to create resolution.  A bully in the school yard in Grade Four humiliates you in front of your peers.  Now you are programmed so any form of aggressive behavior in your adult life is a threat that you either must avoid or defend yourself against.  Often, even mildly assertive behavior seems threatening.  Already, your subconscious mind was programmed to filter all events from the perspective of fight or flight to protect your innocent child within who was traumatized by the bully ‘way back then!

As an adult, your every day experiences when you feel like you are being bullied are not much fun and you are not much fun to be around either.  You may notice that you feel grumpy and let everyone around you know about it too.  Until your internal programs are changed to hold the Mental Equivalence of Competency in managing such opportune events, you are destined to repeat the fight-or-flight syndrome for your entire life.  That thought should jar your preserves and cause you to take serious thought towards ending that destructive pattern.

Learning to overcome traumatic memories and reprogramming yourself to believe that you can handle all events that come your way is imperative to your being successful in life.  If you are to become competent in holding the mental equivalent of any external effect you wish to create, this process has to be pursued until you are clear of traumatic memories.



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