#2 Five Senses of Perception: Higher Octave Equivalents

Getting It Done Series Book 2
November 15, 2011

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There is no Get Out of Jail Card…Instead, your ticket to a Happy Journey rests in life lessons you learn and apply.

Many people spend entire lifetimes being unsuccessful, miserable, and unhappy. This need not be you. As your studies deepen, fortunately you can grow into a mature, happy being to enjoy everything about your life just by making healthy choices.

Learning to live your life well is like playing a violin – Improperly tuned it screeches and carries on like a cat on a hot tin roof. Tune the violin and this most delicate instrument becomes the star of the symphony.

The human instrument operates like a violin. As your learning deepens, so does your awareness of your surroundings.  Your sensitivities heighten and you become fine tuned to the energies emitting from Higher Octaves as extrasensory perceptions. Your sending and receiving instrument – your dimensional bodies – awaken to receiving subtle information from otherwise missed dimensions.

These lessons offer you ways to make this realm of higher frequency seeing, hearing, touch, smell, and beyond, adding flavor, color, and real wisdom and real time insight into every aspect of your life.

Allow Aubergean a personal story … Shortly after leaving five years of deep silence and introspection, a friend called to ask if I could help his mother who suffered from Lupus. Upon arrival, the middle-aged husband met us at the door. He displayed characteristics of control, domination and arrogance and yet beyond this behavior, his deepest desire was perceived to be for his wife to be healthy and happy.
We talked for a time when I sensed an opening in both the man and his wife that invited intervention. In that moment, I suggested they surrender in silence to their higher selves to receive unique messages of guidance. After several attempts, their mind chatter was overcome and I sensed an attunement settling in them as they reached a state of receptivity where a frequency change or tuning up took place. I heard their deep intake of breath indicating consciousness had returned to their bodies and a return to the room in which we sat. Both reported receiving a message indicating a starting point for dialogue where they could begin to risk their inner experiences, subsequently inviting resolution to their conflict-ridden marriage.
What happened here? The influence of the creative powers of mind over illness may startle you, if you are unfamiliar with the concept. In this instance, these two had experienced a heightened sensitivity to their frequencies and reached aspects of their higher mind in their gradual movement to inner silence. A simple exercise begun in silence to create conditions for inner guidance resulted in clear directions for healing to begin.”

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