#4 What’s in It for You? Values & Personal Boundaries

Getting It Together Series Book 4:  A magnetically charmed life awaits you when you know how to create it!

What’s In It for YOU gets answered when you rearrange and recreate your values and personal boundaries to empower your daily life.

Book 4 teaches how to examine your Personal Values and Boundaries as they underlie all choices and outcomes.  In this natural progression, the Nature of Things deepens and readers learn to work on creating an optimal life.

You will learn proven, time-tested methods especially important to follow so your life can be created as a precious Work of Art.  For those with children or grandchildren, useful tools and powerful knowledge are given to share with the kids to guide their formative years.

You’ll get to ponder your disasters and speed bumps that you experienced (and created).  Was it awful – Did you get that torn up feeling inside – Were your insides, inside out?  What signal let you know you had gone down the wrong road (again)?

This Life Lesson clearly defines a way to examine your life and values so you can set New intentions and deepen your abilities to Manifest in specific areas called your Wheel of Life – Career / Partnerships / Financial / Role / Communications / Physical / Health / Maintenance / Mental / Emotional / Spiritual … How great do you want to be in these areas?

At the lesson’s conclusion is a Wheel of Life exercise so you will be perfectly on track for a co-created life in Harmony and Balance with the Universe!


‘As you embark on your journey of creating your life, be very clear in your heart and mind that you want those family, friends, and associates in your life who support you in achieving your purpose and highest good.  Imperative to your success is forming clear agreements with them.  Be clear with everyone about what you intend to accomplish and how they can assist you along the way.

One friend describes how her elderly mother couldn’t understand anything, not even the smallest bits, about the consciousness topics you are studying.  Finding Love as the only way to manage this situation, she discovered that by telling silly jokes, discussing the weather, asking questions, especially about shopping, that a fine and loving relationship was maintained for the rest of her mother’s life.

Do you know why the elephant crossed the road?  It was the chicken’s day off!  It definitely is a Silly Joke and a reminder to fill your life with laughter.

Imagine having a mutual admiration society of your own design.  That admiration society will come from those you choose to be members of your support group.  Their admiration shining on you arrives as a natural result of observing you win and accomplish the best in your life.

Keep in mind that after you finish your study here, you will create your own Life Masterpiece.  The instructions are before you right now, so your imagination can work in the background while you absorb your study of Values and Personal Boundary Setting.  Later you will use your Life Masterpiece to write your Mission Statement and Intention Plan.’


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