About Thinking

Introduction to the Collection of 120 Ponderisms


If you are here – and you must be here because you are reading this essay – then it is for Cause.  You are now entrusted to inquire until that cause and purpose is discovered.  There aren’t any accidents in the Universe – But there is an Intelligence that animates multitudes of universes and IT doesn’t make mistakes.  Your exploration at this time in your life is the result of your empowered spirit making inquiry.

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I am not afraid of tomorrow for I have seen yesterday and I love today!

Thank goodness our friends send us thoughts like this to contemplate.  It’s one way to stay conscious instead of the typical method of dealing with life.

Head down – butt up – Pushing through a dense cloud called life – can’t see  where we’re going – little makes sense…Been there?  Still stuck there?

I’m delighted to say that life will start to make sense as you study and apply the wisdom and knowledge from my Writings.  Take a look at Common Sense Doesn’t Grow on Trees: The Law Lessons.  Already this little book is making wonderful differences for people – Aubergean