Meet Aubergean

Who I am is not as important as how I got here.
The journey makes you into who you are.


Anyone that attempts to lead others on a path had better walk his talk because it soon becomes obvious whether the talk is true or not. I have strived for decades to live a Miracle-filled life, surrendering on all fronts to the prompts of Divine to direct my actions.

About a year ago someone mailed me a well-written article dealing with one of my favorite topics, Sovereignty. It was obviously researched by someone who really knew their ‘stuff’ and articulated it in profoundly clear and simple terms.

I read the article several times. I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was missing something very important. For weeks I agonized over the void it created, asking my higher self daily to show me what eluded me.

One particular day as happened frequently over the years, I was consumed by meditation, being within that day for several uninterrupted hours.

A message formed clearly in my mind: “look into the meta-data”, and I immediately surfaced from a deep, long meditative state. I am not a computer expert and if anyone ever asked me about the mystical world of information processing, the term “Meta-data” would have me quote something from Shakespeare or perhaps even the Bible. I had no “mental-equivalent” in my understanding of computers and software.

I searched online. Google provided sufficient insight into the term and I began my quest to access “meta-data” from a document. Buried beneath the cloak of zeroes and ones, I  found the first name and the IP address of the computer that was used to create the document that demanded my attention for so many weeks.

It took many attempts with Google for the ethers to finally yield the email address of this mystery person. I really don’t even remember how it came about.

A few days later I had the reply that started our association. I answered her questions directly from the guidance I receive when I manage to set my ego aside. Letting the Divine speak through me assures that the Divine Will is done. The will expressed itself perfectly by connecting me to my ideal executive assistant.

I now believe that her business acumen together with her ability to see where something has to go will ensure I succeed at my personal life mission.

Over the next few months and hundreds of riotous conversations we were shown piece by piece what our starting point was to be in our initial collaboration. The five eBook series Getting It Together literally wrote themselves. It has been Jan Reynolds’ insight, tireless dedication to detail, together with the patience of Job (or is it Jobette?) and superior, professional editorial skills that have produced these works. Without her contribution they would yet remain in the ethers.

Many thanks Jan.

I have chosen a pen name for myself. I am Aubergean, and I am committed to being Your Personal Guide to the Inside to give you a boost towards understanding your life’s purpose.  I’ve written a series of eBooks that I trust you’ll find helpful on your journey.

I’m just a regular guy, who studied, grew in wisdom, and learned from the world of hard knocks like many others.  As a lad, already the sense of the mystical world of Spirit had settled into me.  Little did I realize I had chosen to travel the mystical road my entire life.

I learned to accept responsibility for my thoughts, words, deeds and their outcomes too.  I dubbed the sum total of my efforts, The Great Work, figuring it certainly would be!

Along the way, I learned to live in the world while not being of it.  In business, I experienced abundance, success and failures, and somewhere in all that, I felt lost in the shadows until I found my way.  Eventually Spirit led me down the Spiritual Path, where I discovered the difference between Mystic and Master.  Be certain that I don’t claim to be a master – Just that I know the difference.  Enough said, Let us begin.

Mundane to Mystic – the Aubergean Journey

The Universe rearranges itself to fit your picture of Reality.

From a one room shack in Canada, without running water or plumbing, at age 3, I noticed I was different.  My hard working parents had little time for me or any of my siblings, so I busied myself watching their behaviors to understand my world better.  Also Mother took me to work with her to a fruit cannery.  For 10 hours a day, mostly spent alone, I learned the practice of silence and loneliness soon became solitude.

Even at 3, I knew my brothers and sisters were disrespectful to life.  Silently I thought it silly to call others jerks with zero reverence to their feelings.  Already I knew the word mindless and that’s what I called their crazy games as I sat under a tree far enough away to read and wonder what motivated their strange behavior. This was my early knowing of consciousness.

I also began to use my hands for healing, but only on Mother.  Of course I didn’t call it healing.  Late at night, Mother would sew for a while and then exhausted, would fall asleep, resting her head on her arm.  I could sense pain in her neck and would quietly lay my hands on her.  When she awakened she would be pain free.

At fourteen my first job as a service station attendant was really about sweeping up outside.  Blisters interfered with my guitar playing, so I recruited help and split my pay 3-ways – my first venture as an employer.  Read Mark Twain’s Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn stories and you’ll get the full impact of my plan.

Religion – I was raised catholic, so priests and bible were important.  Later I understood at the heart of every teaching is Truth.  All religions have aspects of Truth.  All paths are valid.

Years later, A Course in Miracles became immensely important for me to understand other religions. I applied, All things are lessons God would have me learn, knowing that life events appear by invitation with nothing coming unbidden.  No path is more valid than another.  If one chooses Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, or any path intending to grow, Truth will always result and an increased capacity to Love as long as the intent is innocent.  It’s All God!

Then It was the 60’s!   My relationship with my father was never good having been abused by him often early in life.  I was stubborn and refused to continue playing piano because of his violent teaching method.  My rebellion surfaced when, to spite my classical pianist father, I chose the guitar – And Of Course Rock ‘n Roll – That really pissed him off.  I did well, got a gig as lead guitar for a well-known local rock group and even landed a TV spot.  Father never openly admitted his admiration for my talent, but I saw it on his face when he listened to me perform and I knew.

While I played on, it seemed my entire age group headed into the world of psychedelics and rock ‘n roll.  From the bandstand though, I created my own personal hell on earth.  My beautiful wife’s antics on the dance floor caused me raging jealousy that threatened to consume me.  Finally one night in Shreveport Louisiana, I abandoned music entirely ignoring my inner passion.  I justified quitting using the excuse of Not Earning Enough Money to raise a family.

About this time, a telegram arrived to summon me home because Mom was seriously ill.  My wife and I headed north, leaving the warmth of the southern states to the bitter cold of Canada.  Everything that could go wrong did.

The car engine blew and a mechanic worked feverishly to get us back on the road.  Dad wired money to pay for repairs and soon we were homeward bound.  But there was no heat in the car and we had no winter clothes.  In the Dakotas, the temperature dropped to 35 degrees below zero and we were caught in one of the worst blizzards on record.  We could have died from frost bite.  Thankfully a kind motel owner rescued us and we thawed out our frozen bodies.  My dad wired more money to hire a tow truck to put the car in a box car – We flew home – my first air flight.

While the world seemed to party on and I abandoned my music, it was obvious something other than money was missing in my messy life.  Survival was paramount and my wife was pregnant with our first born, so I got a job as a Kirby vacuum cleaner salesman.  Being good at sales, I closed almost every sale, sometimes 3 or 4 a day.

At home I was faced with discovering the meaning of fatherhood. Unfortunately debilitating family histories on both sides of my marriage caused us both a lot of suffering and fear of dealing with our issues caused a lot of avoidance behavior.  Because of my small-to-average stature, I was a target for bullies.  Even a boss was abusive and intimidating.  With issues like this, what did I know about being a dad?  I didn’t know and I was scared.

Finally my awareness grew to where I became highly successful in the business world.  Martial arts gave me confidence and I became stronger and surer in many ways.

Still in my twenties, a near death experience gave me pause, although dead was dead from my point of view.  Around 1966, my brand-new Ford pickup wrestled with a semi-trailer gravel truck and my truck lost.  Looking down at my body I said, Good God what have I done!  My movie reel rewound to me as a 4 year old on Dad’s lap listening to his tale of dying as his doctor stood by and his priest administered the last rites.

I took a deep breath and left my body, Dad calmly said.  I found myself in front of St. Peter at the gates of heaven.  He asked what was I doing there and I told him I didn’t know.

St. Peter told me to show my hands and as I cupped them before him, I heard him exclaim, They’re empty!  You can’t come here like that.  Go back and return when you have something to show for yourself.  At that moment, Dad said his body convulsed and he awoke as though nothing happened.

In my death experience, without fanfare, bells and whistles, or St. Peter, I knew I was in the midst of death and cried out, Oh God, if you give me another chance at life, I will find you no matter what or how!  At that moment, I knew I faced the most significant awareness I had to develop – The Power of Choice.  I chose to return to my body and keep that commitment!

Studied Wildly and Widely – As my body healed for several months, I studied and a collection of teachers appeared rather magically.  Each addressed my rapidly changing perspectives and seemed to have needed answers.  Two early studies were the Xoces Process and Concept Therapy.  Energy and Man was explored along with dozens of courses in psychology, past-life regression through hypnotherapy, Theosophy and many others.  Insights into the nature of humanity deepened my knowledge along with learning how personalities were formed at and before conception.  What a study that was!

Energy and Man remains of great interest because I see, hear and feel the energies dance in life as consciousness intertwines in the Kingdoms of animal, vegetable and mineral alike.  This may sound sort of corny but if you study my Writings, you too will come to grasp the flow of energies as you observe life and play your true part.

Teachers Galore – Know Thyself, said Socrates.  I contemplated my innermost self until I was sick of hearing that instruction!  Contemplating my navel was an oft repeated phrase to describe introspection in those days.  I looked under every rock and at every aspect of my life experiences, beliefs and values to see whether I was choosing freedom or slavery. I recognized the Biggies of Misunderstanding and Expectation, realizing my demands that others fulfill and validate me so I felt safe and my world would be perfect was Wrong.  Disappointment over the failure of others was my own, very personal hang-up and crappy programming to get over!

Life came to mean more than material success.  Feeling great companionship with everything, I discovered the concept of Oneness, both within and without.  I finally came to see that accepting responsibility for all of me was important – exercise – properly feed my physical body – Get with the Program!  I developed mental aptitudes by reading, writing, and arithmetic – don’t laugh now –this was long ago – I oversaw emotional reactions and took responsibility for my Soul and Spiritual connections – Creating Oneness and Integration in Me!  I learned that if something inside disliked a task, no matter how important it was to my concept of success, at some level I would fail.  I completed the task to keep my commitment, but with mediocrity, not with excellence.  These days I avoid decisions where I Know sloppy outcomes will result.

In 1978, I attended a workshop with dear teacher, Dr. Markus Bach.  You may be too young to remember the excitement of reading Jonathan Livingston Seagull and listening to Neil Diamond sing the sound track – Goodness, it was inspiring!  Author Richard Bach was Dr. Bach’s nephew – obviously a spiritual bent ran in the family.

Markus was a spiritual giant who startled me a bit when he said he had something for me.  We made ourselves comfortable under a shade tree where he led me on my first guided meditation.  In profound peace, I totally spaced out.  With my inner ear, in my first clairaudient experience, I heard, It is time to withdraw.  Within a year, my energy and enthusiasm as a builder and developer evaporated, so I closed three businesses and enormous changes in my life were underway.

Hell and Back – Two painful and sorrowful experiences quickened my new direction.  My dad died and my bride of 17 years left our marriage to experience life on her own.  With one son in boarding school and the other living with his mother, I was alone and struggling with guilt over a failed marriage and what then meant abandoning my two boys.

In My Cocoon – The next 4½ years found me alone, fifty miles from town, rarely seeing anyone.  The silence was deafening as I flailed about looking for myself.  Eventually the silence in yoga, meditation, contemplation, and studies quieted my inner turmoil.

Monthly, I drove into town to pick up my youngest son for the weekend and stock up a month’s worth of provisions.  Other than that, I left home to teach a workshop a few times.

Once, a friend recorded the event and I was aghast at the overwhelming influence of my prideful ego.  After listening to the tapes, I was stunned to utter my vow to not leave my cocoon until God spoke through me.  What a vow to make!

In the silence of my sanctuary, I reviewed the tapes again.  I closely examined my behavior and habits, my voice inflections, and word choices.  My distress was great when I realized my words were nothing more than regurgitated thoughts from former studies.  Judging myself harshly, I knew my presentations were neither original nor authentic.  I determined to surrender my garbage.  During a moment of heightened consciousness, I heard, Few humans ever experience so much as an original thought!  That phrase drove me deeper into surrender.

As my curiosity and inquiries intensified, so did my state of humility.  Spiritual teachers honored me by appearing – Jesus and Mary, Guru Dev [Maharishi’s teacher], St. Germaine, several other Masters.  Guidance came to me as impressions, like whispers.  A Roman muse of music and dance, Terpsichore, invited me to follow her.  A piece of me still regrets not going, as music is a passionate love of mine.

One teacher admonished me saying I hadn’t a clue about Real Thinking and suggested I focus on Completion Cycles as I had too many dangling participles consuming my energy and taking me from what was meaningful.  Completion became my obsession for months until completing unfinished tasks became routine – toothbrush always returned to its holder – tools always back on the rack – Nothing Left Undone!

Enter the Goddess – I studied the power of words to express a clearer form of reality.  I substituted partnership for relationship.  With it, I felt a subtle form of reverence growing to represent an attitude to everything.  Reverence is a tricky yet endearing trait to develop that too few develop.

Partner describes a relationship with every woman.  The energetic difference between relationship and partnership was and remains profound.  I met husbands, wives, and lovers using the word – the collective unconscious in action!  Eventually I created partnerships with everyone in my life.

The Universal demands us to accept our Divinity.  As my view of humanity shifted so did my view to favoring the Goddess as the Prime Source of all creation.  After all, the womb of creation is the Goddess.  I am in awe of Her and my life is dedicated to freeing the goddess so she co-creates with her divine counterpart, the god within each man, to create functional partnerships, marriages, and families, so generational faults are not passed on.

The power struggle between the sexes must end if we are to create a peaceful world.  Be hard on the problem and easy on the people became my motto.  Let’s roll up our sleeves and help create strong families, the most important aspect of any successful society.

Time to Wrap Up – After years of silence, people appeared at my door asking directions to some place or other.  Conversations invariably turned on their challenges as they shared their hearts and deepest secrets and pains.  During those impromptu meetings, changes happened for them – an energetic transfer occurred between us.

A spiritual process unfolded and a form of Spiritual Counseling evolved as I integrated the gifts from deep and prolonged meditation.  While I didn’t understand what or how this dynamic worked, I enjoyed the heightened frequencies and came to realize that the more I transmitted those energies, the higher my own frequency rose.  These energy transmissions I call giving a radiation.

My understanding has deepened, because of paranormal gifts.  Often I receive symbols, mini-vignettes or short phrases related to truth being revealed so I receive insights into individual processes for healing.  I am blessed that these gifts have stayed with me and improved somewhat.

Finally, I left my farm, substantially awake and available for Grace to guide me.  In writing this to you, I AM back in the world offering everything I can to assist your awakening of consciousness to a Brand New World as we create it together.  It’s my way of paying it forward.   Perhaps you will feel moved to accept my offer and will invite your friends to this Great Work.

As we part, my gift to you is a suggestion that you learn to control your mind!  For if you aren’t in control of it, rest assured someone else is!